June 28, 2009: Joe Tocco’s Graduation Party

We are in Frankfort, New York again today.  Today we are here for Joe’s graduation party.  I had to get up this morning and get right to work as I am not working my entire shift like I normally do because of the graduation party this afternoon.

I worked until almost a quarter till one then we drove out to the Kitlas in Utica for the party.  We rode out with Francesca in her truck with all of us holding huge trays of miniature cheesecakes and cake balls (cake that has been mixed with frosting, rolled into balls and coated in chocolate or other glaze.)  We arrived at the restaurant just as dad pulled in after driving out from Pavilion.  So perfect timing for him.

It was a really good turn out for the party.  The party went from around one until four.  Just as the party was wrapping up Joe got called by our BMW dealer in Orange County and found out that he was going to be able to pick up the 2007 BMW 335i that he has been trying to get – the same one that we test drove the last time that they were down.  So our plans are changing and he needs to come down to Peekskill tonight so that he can pick up the car tomorrow.

Then it was back to the Tocco’s.  Dominica and I packed up and left very shortly after having left the party.  We have been away from our home for the past nine days and are definitely looking forward to being at home again.

Francesca and her kids as well as Joe and Brittany have been talking about coming down to visit in Peekskill for a little bit so everyone is driving down with us tonight.  Joe and Brittany road with Oreo and I in the X3 while Dominica road along with Francesca and family in Francesca’s Toyota.  That was there was someone in each vehicle that knew the way.

The drive back down to Peekskill went well.  Nothing really to write about.  Slight traffic around Albany but that was about it.  It was just a little after nine when we pulled into the parking lot.  It was definitely nice to see the house again.  I have found that when you own a house you miss it a lot more than you do if you are renting a place.  There is something magic about returning to a property that you actually own.  I always felt that way when we would go back to the house in Geneseo after we had been away for a while.  It was so neat to walk into your own house when you had gotten used to not having had it.

I was very pleased to discover that the long running h.264 compression job that I had left running while we were away ran almost flawlessly and that over a week of continuous compression had been completed.  That was a very useful use of the time that we were away.

We were all quite hungry and wanted to order in from Forno’s but they closed just as we got home so that was not an option.  So we phoned in an order to New City Diner and then Joe and I drove out there to pick up dinner.  They ended up giving us some free extra desserts while we were there – just small samples of some of their pies.

We got back to the house and discovered that every single meal was wrong – mostly just by a little bit.  My meal was completely wrong.  Brittany’s was almost completely wrong.  Joe’s was slightly wrong.  Most of us were missing all of our sides.  Dominica and Francesca both got ice cream-based meals in which the ice cream was forgotten.  It was a disaster.  Seven wrong meals.  Francesca called to complain and they just hung up on her after telling her that either we could drive down there and pick up some pickles or else tough.  They claimed that since they charged us only for the food that we received that they were under no obligation to do anything else – even though they charged us, in most cases, for food that we had not ordered – not simply less overall food.  They were really rotten about it.  Brittany then called and yelled at them for a bit.

Nothing will come of the mix up, of course, except that Dominica will never let me eat there again.  So much for one of our staples restaurants in town and our one all night place to eat.  This is going to be a real problem now.

The food issue really put a damper on the evening.  Very crappy introduction to Peekskill.

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