June 30, 2009: The Grices Return to Frankfort

I worked this morning, as expected.  Yesterday I worked really late, until well after midnight, catching up on everything.  I was really far behind after being away for a week and I just needed to put in one really crazy day of doing nothing but playing catchup.  Today is much better.  I started the day on top of things which was a great change.

I thought that I was going to be working the early shift this week but that ended up not happening.  I only worked it yesterday and then ended up not needing to do that for the rest of the week.

I worked solid until lunch time so that I would be able to go out to lunch with everyone before the Grices leave to return back to Frankfort.  It was a little late for lunch when we were finally ready to leave the house to go get lunch.

We decided, as often seems to happen when someone is just about to leave after staying with us, to go to Grandma’s in Yorktown Heights for lunch.  Everyone had a really good lunch.  I am addicted to the bagel and lox platter there.  It is huge.  Tons of lox, big beefy tomatoes, capers, cream cheese, etc.  Rather a large meal which you do not really expect.  Then everyone had pie, of course, as well.

From the restaurant Francesca and the kids headed out on the Bear Mountain Parkway to head back north to Frankfort.  Unfortunately her GPS did not agree with the directions that we had given her and it took her through downtown and all of the construction there.  So her drive back did not start out well.  Then, once across the Hudson, the directions get increasingly confusing because of hard to see roads, missing road signs and roads that have moved since the GPS was last updated.

It ended up being an excessively long and stressful trip trying to get out of the Hudson Valley.  This part of the country is so old and is so encapsulated by its geographic diversity that roads are very confusing and hard to follow.  The Grices did eventually make it home safely.

I spent the rest of the day working.  Nothing too exciting to report.  We have tomorrow and Thursday to ourselves at home and then on Friday I actually have the day off and will have a chance to relax.  This weekend we are going to Waverly, New York to celebrate the fourth of July.

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