June 29, 2009: Joe Gets His New Car

We are back home and this morning I am back to work as usual.  It is definitely nice to be sitting at my desk again with my own chair and my large monitors and the multiple displays.  Working from home is always the easiest place to work.

We have a full house this morning.  Nine people plus Oreo!  This is the most that we have ever slept here, I believe.

I was up and “off” to work right away.  Today was a busy day for everyone so there was no sleeping in and lounging about for the rest of the household either.  They got up and got ready to go and then went out for breakfast and then over to Harriman so that Joe and Brittany could pick up the new BMW 335i at noon.  They are picking up the car and then driving it straight back up to Frankfort because the car dealer is sending another driver along with them to help facilitate some of the paperwork.  It is amazing what these places will do to make a sale!

After the car was picked up, the girls (and Garrett) went to the outlet mall to do some shopping.  So they were gone pretty much all day.  It was a very exhausting day for them.

After they got back, Dominica and Francesca set to assembling baby gates around the house.  Garrett is walking, almost running, everywhere that he goes and Liesl is rapidly becoming mobile.  She is not quite mobile yet but she is definitely on her way quickly.  She is not crawling but does the tummy quiggle across the floor pulling herself forward with her hands.  She makes decent progress.

They had some logistical problems but eventually got the first baby gate up which is a lattice swing gate that separates the kitchen and entry way from the living room and dining room.

This evening they all went out and picked up ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery in Yorktown Heights and brought it back to eat at the house.  When they went out to get the ice cream they left me at home with Liesl, Garrett and Oreo all by myself!  A dangerous move indeed.

Oreo is very, very glad to be home.  He has been stressed and exhausted.  All he wants to do is to sleep.

Today I finally got a chance to get some of the photos off of the Nikon and Kodak cameras and to get some of them edited and uploaded to Flickr.  So you can see pictures of Liesl taken over the last few months now.  It has been really difficult to get pictures taken care of properly even since my desktop died a few months ago.  It wasn’t safe to have the pictures stored on my desktop as it was unreliable and I didn’t have all of the storage and software that I needed to do anything.  I am slowly getting things back together now.  The most important thing is that I am running Mozy Home Unlimited so that I am backing up all of my original images through them which makes me a lot more confident that I will not lose them.  Now I have local copies, copies on Flickr and on Mozy.

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