August 25, 2009: Up Late

Another really busy day today.  My day started on the phone first thing this morning and continued for the entire day.  Barely enough time to eat and every meal is interrupted.  I am falling behind on SGL as well.  Just no extra time for myself.

Very little to report today.  Lots of work.

I did get a chance to order my new camera, a Nikon D90.  We decided, Dominica and I, that we really needed to have a good camera with a higher resolution than my older D50.  Having the additional resolution, not to mention additional pro features, is necessary so that we will be able to make large prints of the pictures that we take of Liesl.  We have been getting lots of great shots of her but are sad to discover that we are far below the resolution necessary to print them at any real size.  We figured that with my upcoming trip to Germany in two weeks and our big trip to Disney World in November and likely a trip to Texas in between that this was the last moment in which to buy one without missing tons of stuff that we will really regret.  We couldn’t afford to upgrade when Liesl was younger and really didn’t grasp how much the resolution would impact the printing of the images but now that we are printing them regularly to use on the walls we are seeing it as a real problem.

I got the camera from Amazon and had it overnighted.  It was out of stock when I placed the order and is supposed to come in to Amazon’s warehouse on August 30th so I should, in theory, have the camera the last day in August.  Just enough time to test it out to make sure that it is going to work for me on the first trip.  I am going to be taking tons and tons of pictures while in Europe mostly because I will be there alone with little else to do.  I plan to see Germany on foot, mainly, and to be carrying the camera the entire time.

I planned to go to bed on the early side tonight.  I went down to the basement at eleven to set up the transfer processes to make sure that the computers were busy through the night and ended up getting asked to cover for a little bit of the overnight shift.  I ended up covering for over two hours going late into the night.  Then, when the regular guy got back to take back over from me, I asked him what he was thinking about doing with the pending relocation to Texas for our team.  Luckily for him I did that as it turns out that because he was overnight support it never occurred to anyone to mention the news to him and he was asleep during the conference calls disclosing the information!  So he has gone an entire week not knowing all of the stuff that has been completely occupying everyone’s thoughts at the office.  So we talked for about an hour as I filled him in on what I knew.  What a shock it was for him.  I bet he ended up having a very long night.

Made amazing progress on CD transfers today.  Those will be done in no time.

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