August 24, 2009: The Family Returns Home

I got up and got to work thinking that I would be able to get some free time this morning so that I could go out to breakfast with dad, Liesl and Dominica.  That did not managed to happen.  We ended up being able to go to lunch about fifteen minutes early.  That was as close to breakfast as we managed to get.  For lunch we went to Pastel’s which is right around the corner and just did a quick lunch.

Dad unpacked his car this morning.  This load included tons of DVDs and CDs to be converted.  Now I really have my work cut out for me.  I am trying to work out how I can step up the rate of conversion to keep up with all of this stuff.  I really need more computers.  Dad also brought our teak bookshelf that used to be in the living room area of our house in Geneseo that we got with some of the money from our wedding presents.  Originally this bookshelf was going to go into the dining room area here in Peekskill and new Billy bookshelf units from Ikea were going to be purchased on which to place books in the area behind Dominica’s desk in the basement here, but now we are avoiding all new purchases so the bookshelf, which is rather small, is going behind Dominica’s desk instead.

While dad was here he helped me move the television stand from the basement up to the living room.  We have to abandon our plan of wall mounting all of our home theatre equipment and will instead use the television stand that we had used in Newark for that purpose.  The television stand was going to be used for our theatre in the basement but we are completely giving up on being able to have that.  Not even considering doing anything down there now.  We really are completely regearing everything to make way for the upcoming move to Texas, that we expect will happen.  Still not official, of course, but we have to be planning already.

Dad hit the road after we had lunch at Pastel’s.  The rest of the family left earlier this morning from the hotel so we did not see them today before they left.

The rest of the day was all work for me.  Lots to be done and very little spare time.  This evening, after work, Dominica and I watched The Love Guru with Mike Meyers.  It was cute.  Nothing special.  Just as the Austin Powers movies went down hill as they progressed this movie was probably between Austin Powers 2 and Austin Powers 3 in quality.  They at least figured out that being all gross wasn’t funny and did not make people want to watch the movies again so they left that stuff out of this film but mostly it follows a very AP formula.  Entertaining but bland.  I am glad that we did not purchase it.  It is amazing how often the movies that we rent from Netflix we are relieved to not have purchased.

I have been exceptionally busy with work and have been putting in an incredible amount of time on the phone.  Saturday and Sunday were not all that bad but today was really something.  I am barely able to do a thing with all of the time being spent talking on the phone.  It is really draining me.

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