August 5, 2009: Very Slow Day

It is a super slow day today in the Hudson Valley.  The slowest work day that I can remember, in fact.  It was great.

Amazon delivered some cool stuff today.  We got the BluRay of Another Cinderella Story with Selena Gomez.  I also got the third book in the series on digital photography techniques called “The Digital Photography Book, Volume 3” by Scott Kelby.  I finished reading the first volume over the weekend and have almost finished the second volume.  I will probably finish it today or tomorrow.  And I received my Nikon NL-L3 wireless remote control for my D50 camera.  It is just like a traditional remote trigger except it is wireless causing even less camera shake and is far more convenient.  It is so cheap that I am not sure why everyone doesn’t have one.  I’ve been wanting this for a while and have no idea why I have held off on getting it.

We were going to have painting of the house and staining of the deck done today but there was some rain so the painting crew rescheduled for Friday instead.

I decided to leave work “early” today (read: normal time for normal people) and hang out with Dominica and Liesl.  We ordered a pizza and a pasta bread bowl from Domino’s for a change of pace and popped in our new Selena Gomez movie.

Another Cinderella Story was pretty decent.  Over the top, of course, like the first one but Selena is always entertaining.  After the movie we stuck with Selena in The Wizards of Waverly Place.  Our NetFlix/PlayOn/PS3 combination has a horrible time playing those shows so we spend more time trying to get an episode to play than we do actually watching the episode.

We managed to get two episodes in before Netflix just stopped playing.  So we watched Road to Morocco from our new MediaTomb server.  I love these old Bing Crosby and Bob Hope movies.  Especially these earlier ones.  The old monochrome movies really compress well with the h.264 when I put them onto the media server.

Oreo spent the evening snuggling with me on the recliner.  This is his new thing.  Every evening he climbs up here and snuggles as close as he can and pretty much stays for the entire evening.

After the movie was over I was not all that sleepy so I decided to go down to the basement and get some work done.  I ended up working until almost three in the morning but was very productive with my time.  I got a lot of work done and am glad that I stayed up.

Tomorrow we have cleaning and prep to do as dad is coming on Friday to visit us.

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