August 6, 2009: Liesl’s First Word

Today was a very important day in the life of Liesl.  Today was her first word.  While Dominica was feeding Liesl some ice cream this afternoon Liesl said “more” to get Dominica to give her some more ice cream!  Very exciting.

Today was another day without rain in the Hudson Valley as well as another really slow day for me at the office.

I managed to figure out why my MediaTomb installation is crashing once per day.  I am not sure of a long term fix yet but now that I have identified the issue it should not be that hard to come up with something that works well.

I got a chance to do a lot of work on the VoIP system today.  Last night I got it working to the point that I was able to leave a voicemail message in a single mailbox which is a major breakthrough but only a start in the big scheme of things.  Today I managed to get the ability to have a “receptionist” answer the phone and allow people to select the extension that they wish to reach.

We made plans for Susan to come visit on Saturday.  We have not seen her since living in Newark which was almost a year ago.  This will, obviously, be her first time meeting Liesl!

After work this evening we ran out to Stop and Shop to do some quick grocery shopping.  It was a fast trip and probably took no more than an hour.  Dominica and I were both in the mood for some cake and we wanted to have some supplies for while dad is here this weekend so we thought that we would take the opportunity to stock up.

While we were out shopping we discovered a DVD of three horrible Elvis movies for cheap so we picked that up so that we would have something to watch as Netflix was not working well tonight.  We tried hard to watch a little Wizards of Waverly Place but the amount of time and effort that it takes to get to watch a single episode makes it a bit exhausting.

We watched Harum Scarum with Elvis Presley.  This is one seriously bad movie. The plot makes no sense, the acting is bad and the music is horrific.  Surprisingly bad even for an Elvis movie.

I found a national news story from Yahoo tonight about the massive increase in drunk female drivers in the US that talked about the horrible crash that we just recently had here in Westchester this past week – the worst crash in Westchester in seventy-five years.  It is sad that I looked us this same information in the local newspaper online only to find that the online article was gibberish – not once mentioning who had been in the crash, if anyone had died, where the crash was or anything of consequence.  It was just a jumble of disconnected sentences like it was written by a gaggle of schoolchildren.  I had gathered enough from the front page blurb that there had been a mother and a crash but the article itself was such a mess that I could not determine at all what it was about.  Sad that this was the extent of what our local paper calls “journalism.”

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