September 1, 2009: VoIP Day

Liesl awful forehead bruise is much, much better today and you can barely see it at all now.

My main project for today was working on the VoIP system.  I am testing out a new softphone client for Windows called Zoiper which I have never used before.  Setting up Zoiper proved to be really simple and worked immediately.  We have had some problems getting some other SIP clients to work properly for whatever reason.  Zoiper has an attractive interface for the most part as well and pretty plain so you aren’t getting all caught up looking for features that you do not probably need.

Getting the VoIP system up and running is great.  That has been hanging over my head on my very, very long “to do” list for forever.  I am slowly working my way through it although there is so much to do that I don’t feel like I have any time to prepare for really important things like my trip to Germany which is coming up really, really soon or for our pending move to Austin which isn’t nearly as soon but is coming down the pike nonetheless.

Today was another really busy phone day, coincidentally, although most of the day I was just talking on the normal Vonage line.  Today might be the record for phone time.  Just hours and hours and hours of being on the phone.

That’s about all of the news for today.  Been way too busy to generate anything else interesting to tell anyone.

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