August 31, 2009: It’s Monday and No Time to Post

It’s Monday.  Mostly I have to say that so that I can figure out what day it is myself.  I tend to lose track of the day these days.  It is still wet today so even though it is pretty cool outside we are running the air conditioning after last night’s centipede incident.  Not taking any chances here.

I did get a chance to get some decent sleep last night so I am doing okay.

Today was very busy again.  I am feeling like the telephone has been permanently attached to my head.  For the last week or maybe two I have been on for just hours and hours a day.  Maybe more than eight hours.  We have three rechargeable handsets for our main house phone system and I cycle through almost all of them every day taking them from fully charged to completely dead all in a single day.  I have to be very careful to always keep two of them charging while a third is in use or we risk having no phones with any charge by later in the day.

Today I finished reading “The Digital Photography Book Volume 3”.  I have recently completed the first two volumes, all by Scott Kelby.

The entire evening tonight was taken up with Andy and I working on some web site design and strategies.  We spent quite a bit of time looking at stock photos and trying to make creative decisions.

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