September 21, 2009: More Rock Band Action

It is Monday.  I am keeping to my “up at seven” schedule which is working out really well, overall.  I am happy with getting up at a more reasonable time every day.  I am signed in to the office long before I am expected but it has given me a chance to play catchup quite effectively this past week and today not only am I not really behind after my trip to Germany last week but my inbox has rarely been this empty.  I am very pleased.

Going to bed early and getting up at seven is perfect because it matches Liesl’s schedule.  She has an internal alarm clock and is awake at almost exactly seven every morning no matter what.

I worked solid all morning and then we decided to steal away for a quick trip to the shopping center.  Last night, right at six o’clock, we had discussed Dominica’s need for additional Rock Band songs and games.  Originally her birthday present was going to be larger (the entire Rock Band setup with different instruments) but because of the upcoming move it is just the guitar and the microphone which we already owned.  So I had decided that we would go get the original Rock Band and Rock Band 2 games so that she would have a lot more to do.  Plus her sister already owns Rock Band 2 so they could play that online together right away.

Nothing too much to report today.  Work and hanging out with the family.  Dominica definitely spent a lot of the day on the PS3.  She is loving her birthday present(s).

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