September 22, 2009: Dominica Discovered Facebook

Up early and lots of work today.  Pretty much a normal day.

This evening Dominica finally decided to get an account on FaceBook.  Now she is addicted.  She created an account this evening while we were relaxing in the living room watching Netflix on Demand.  She spent the entire evening talking to people and adding new people as friends on there.  If you have not found her yet, go ahead and add her.  She will be on regularly for a while, I imagine.

Oreo and I went to bed around ten thirty.  I need to be up early tomorrow as my plan is to drive out to Warren, New Jersey to work from there.  There is a meeting at four in the afternoon to discuss the plans for moving to Texas so it is likely important that I be at that meeting to get a sense for what is going on.  So I am going to be up rather early tomorrow.

Dominica ended up staying up until after one in the morning talking to people on FaceBook.  For someone who has held out for so long and avoided the whole FaceBook scene she is definitely very into it now.

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