September 24, 2009: Waiting

Working at home again today.  We were hoping for some additional information this morning at the office but the day started off with a resounding… no news.  Very depressing.  What we really want is some information so that we can begin preparing either for me to start looking for work or for the move to Texas.  One way or another neither situation is helped by us waiting.  We need to be taking action no matter what to prepare for the relatively near future.  Life always feels easier when you are in a position to take some sort of meaningful action.  I may not control my destiny at this point but I would at least like to be productive.

This morning, I needed a break from sitting at my desk, so I drove over to the deli around the corner and picked up breakfast for Dominica and I.  After discovering their awesome croissants yesterday I definitely wanted more of them today.  They were quite delicious again and a nice break from the morning.

I did some brainstorming with a friend at work and he gave me some good advice.  He advised me to go to the business and see if they could help to coordinate things with my division to get things rolling on Texas.  A very good idea.  So I discussed it with my boss and then went to one of my matrix managers on the business side and asked for his assistance in getting this process worked out.  He was glad to help and was hopefully that we will have something positive tomorrow morning.  We have to wait for people in London to talk which makes everything take longer.

It was still a nerve-wracking day.  It is really hard to get things done and to be productive when you are concerned about whether or not you even have a job.

This afternoon I finally got around to installing TweetDeck to use to manage my Twitter.  I really like it.  This is going to make Twitter work far better for me.  Now I can follow it more easily throughout the day and can Tweet far more rapidly.  I was told to try out Digsby as well but I did not get around to that today.  That is on my list to try out in the future.

Dominica got a chance to play some of her Rock Band today.  Liesl was not a happy baby all day and was really driving Dominica crazy.  Liesl was extremely upset yesterday while I was gone all day and apparently that carried over into today even though I have been here.  She does not like it when I am away and I guess that after having been away in Germany so recently that she didn’t know if I was going away for a long time again and got really upset.

We spent the evening just relaxing as a family.

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