September 25, 2009: Still Waiting

My project first thing this morning was to dramatically clean up my email inbox.  It has been reaching over one hundred messages on a regular basis recently even when I put in a sincere effort to keep up with my mail and that just drives me crazy.  So today I really sat down and attempted to get caught up and for the first time in as long as I can remember I had so little in my email inbox that it all fit onto a single screen – no need to scroll!  This will help with my productivity quite a bit.  Having a lot of email is practically crippling.  You can’t get anything done when you are always scrolling up and down through tons of emails trying to figure out what is related to what and who needs you to take care of what when and whatnot.

Today was really busy at work and I was feeling like I was being run ragged even before lunch time.  Dominica and Liesl went out shopping around lunch so Oreo and I had the house to ourselves.

Early this afternoon we got the news that my salary has been negotiated and that things are all set for the move to Texas again.  This thing is back and forth constantly.  Nothing in writing yet, though, so we are not completely confident that this is done but I have assurance from the top that my salary is being protected.  As far as we know we are still on target to be in Texas as soon as possible, hopefully late this year, but we just don’t know.

The toughest part is, of course, selling or renting the house and we need confirmation as to what is happening so that we can begin that process.  The more lead time that we have the easier that this is going to be.  We are also hopeful that we will be able to sell the Mazda PR5.  We don’t need all of the cars that we have and we could use the money more than we could use the spare vehicle.

After work we watched some of Newhart on Hulu.  I have not seen that show since the late 1980s.  Watching that really takes me back.  I still remember some of the episodes slightly.

After work was finally done and it was evening it was time for Dominica and I to work on a Zimbra update.  Currently we have been running on Zimbra 5.0.13 and we are updating tonight to 6.0.1 which is a rather significant update.  The 5.0 series went as high as 5.0.19 before going to 6.0.  So that is nine updates (there is a pre-6 step in there) being applies tonight.  That means a lot of time doing backups and double checking configurations.

Dominica ended up going to bed around midnight or so.  The update had begun but she was not awake to watch it finish.  I stayed up to babysit the process for an hour or two after she had gone to bed.  This update was not nearly as bad as some that I have done.  The update was fine and email was back online in now time.  Very smooth, really.

It was pretty late when I got off to bed considering that I have work starting again tomorrow at eight in the morning supporting application updates in Bahrain.

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