September 7, 2009: Last Day at Home

Today is my final day at home for over a week.  It has been great having a few days off or basically off from work and then tomorrow I kick off my actual holiday!  This is amazing.  Finally a real break from work.

We did a little last minute prep today for the trip but basically today was a complete “hang out with Liesl” day – as much as it could be.  Liesl and I are really going to miss each other this week so I wanted to get as much time with her as I could muster today.

I did end up needing to work for a few hours this afternoon.  I probably worked for about four hours.  Far less than a normal day.  No complaints.

Today is Labor Day and originally we had thought that maybe we would have some people up for a BBQ or something this evening but that ended up not happening.  Probably for the best as we got some time to just relax and hang out as a family.

No real news today.  The adventure begins tomorrow….

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