September 6, 2009: Sunday at Home

Today is Sunday, midday on my three day weekendish kind of thing.  Today and tomorrow we are mixing our time between just relaxing and spending time together as a family and getting things ready for my trip on Tuesday.  For the most part everything is ready.  Dominica really has the packing all planned and there is very little left in flux.  At this point I can pretty much just run off to the airport and away I go.

Today Liesl said “Hi” and waved hello for the very first time!  She is rapidly moving into a “talking” mode.  It is really neat to see her start acting like she is having conversations and she is definitely interacting with us more and more conversationally.  She has “hi”, “bye bye”, “dada”, “mama” and “more” now under her belt.

I know that this week is incredibly light in my posts.  Not much to be done about that.  Stay tuned as I expect there to be a lot of posting once I am off to Germany.

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