October 1, 2009: A Little News

This week is really just flying by.  I can’t believe that it is already Thursday.  In fact, I didn’t believe it until four in the afternoon when I suddenly realized that it was not Tuesday.  This is what happens when I fall behind on Sheep Guarding Llama, I completely lose track of the passage of time as if it doesn’t even happen until I have written about it.  So by the time that I realized that the work week was really underway it was almost finished.  Just Friday left to go!

I felt pretty sick this morning.  Last night we had junk food, mostly, for dinner and I had some chips and dip having not had any in a really long time.  I was really craving them last night and was really excited to get some.  I was halfway through eating them when I read the bag from this little, never seen it before chip place and realized that the claim to fame of this nasty little chip company is that they don’t do any of that “alternative oils” stuff and they only use genuine lard in their chips!

Oh crap.  I’ve been a vegetarian for about eight years now.  The last time that I had any measurable amount of pork fat I was insanely sick as my body long ago lost the enzymes necessary to deal with that type of food.  So now I was both sick from the lard and sick from having ingested pig fat.  It seriously grossed me out.  It is still making me feel sick today.

All morning I had a stomach ache and the sweats.  At least I know what is wrong and just need my body to pass the lard.  That is so nasty.  I can’t believe that someone would intentionally cook with that.

We got a little news about Texas today.  Apparently my rate on the back end has been fixed and approved and we just need to figure out what that means to us now.  Unfortunately there are too many parties involved in anything involving my pay or rates just making the entire process far too complex.  So we got as much information as we could and things are looking pretty decent at the moment.  We have a meeting set up for early Monday morning to get things finalized – I hope.

After work this evening, Dominica and I watched the movie 17 Again which came from Netflix.  I had not wanted to see it because of who was starring in it having been seriously turned off after seeing the last half of High School Musical 3: Senior Year which was horribly disastrous.  17 Again was actually quite enjoyable.  Silly, of course, but cute and fun.  We both really liked it.  Definitely good, light hearted entertainment with a lot of supporting cast that I really like.

After the movie I ended up having quite a bit more work to do so I spent the evening down in the office working while Dominica played Rock Band 2 on the PS3.

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