September 30, 2009: Figuring Out Postini

Just normal work day today.  Nothing to report from the day.  No news yet.  Ho hum.  I can’t believe that September is over today.  Having a baby makes life just fly by.  If you blink you miss it all!

I’ve been doing a bit of work on SharePoint this week.  I have a lot to learn and I am inching forward.  I get very little chance to work on it so I don’t get to really focus.  I just look at it a little bit now and again.

One of my students, whom dad taught Logo programming using KTurtle and who took my XHTML/CSS class years ago at Castile, talked to me today and bought himself a copy of “Learn to Program” by Chris Pine which is an excellent book to get you started in real programming.  It teaches programming with Ruby.  I have the first edition of the book and really like it although I am not necessarily a big fan of learning Ruby as a first programming language.

This afternoon Dominica and Liesl went out to do some shopping.  While they were out a shipment of Tofurkey Jerky arrived as well as the massive shipment of t-shirts that Dominica ordered that we are going to be using in Walt Disney World in late November.  That is going to be a major project.  Dominica has to print out and iron on almost fifty t-shirt iron ons!

Dominica picked me up a new DVI cable that I used to hook up my Mac Mini down in the basement.  I have been short a cable so my one monitor has been sitting idle for a very long time – even since I moved away from the dual dx5150 setup that I had when we first moved to Peekskill.  It is nice to have both that monitor and the Mac Mini in use again even if it is just a G4 running Mac OSX 10.3 Panther.  At least I am getting use out of it.

I wrapped up work before seven this evening and hung out with Dominica and Liesl.  We watched more of Newhart and relaxed.  I really like that show.  I have not seen it since I was very young and watching it really takes me back.

My learning project for the day was figuring out how to configure Google’s Postini email filtering service.  That is one of the most convoluted and overly complex things that I have ever seen.  I had originally assumed that this was going to be extremely easy.  Then I saw the roughly six hundred and fifty page manual!  This is crazy.  So that is not getting figured out today.  This is going to take some time.

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