October 10, 2009: Maybe Dad’s Last Trip to Peekskill

It is Saturday.  I worked until four this morning and so slept in very, very late today.  It is hard to sleep in with Liesl because her routine involves a lot of time spent playing in bed in the early morning.  Normally I just get up with her and play for an hour before starting work but when you want to sleep in getting up and playing for an hour doesn’t really work.  I slept until around noon, I think, but it was rather broken sleep.

Dad was on the road around nine this morning for what might possibly be his final trip to Peekskill.  I find it unlikely that it will actually be his last but it is definitely possible.  Our window of time for being here is closing very quickly.  It is hard to believe how little time we have before we need to be out of New York.  And our schedule is completely full between now and then.

We did what cleaning we could today.  Not a lot of time for it, especially with a baby on the loose.

Dad arrived around three thirty.  He had quite a heavy load of stuff with him on this trip.  Tons of CDs and other stuff that we are moving here to prepare for the move to Texas.

This evening we watched the first episode of Torchwood, which we got on BluRay from Netflix, with Dad.  He has not seen any of the “new” Dr. Who and did not like the old Dr. Who so we were not sure if he would like this or not but he did.  Torchwood definitely looks awesome seeing it on BluRay.

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