October 9, 2009: Working Overnight

It’s Friday and a long, busy work day for me.  We got some heavy rain this morning.  Tomorrow Dad is coming down from Upstate New York to visit for the weekend and to help with painting the upstairs hallway.  We really want to get that done before attempting to sell the house.  It will make a big difference, we are sure.

This evening Dominica and Liesl went out to do some shopping to get ready before dad comes to visit.  Our stores are pretty bare here and we really can’t cook at home or anything do to a lack of food in the house.  Dominica also did some computer shopping for me and picked me up a new Logitech Laser mouse to use with my Mac Mini.

I ended up having such a busy evening that I was on a conference call until seven thirty and only then go the chance to start my usual Friday night scheduled work.  Not what I needed tonight.  I ended up working  all night.  I mean ALL night until around four in the morning!

I had a lot of updates to do for the office so those took many hours.  While I was working on those I did some work learning how to set up Postini with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.  That was a huge pain but ended up going well.

I had my laptop set up next to me all evening and I managed to watch all of the keynotes from the first day of the Microsoft Partners Conference this year which was pretty interesting.  They definitely had a lot of good, new technology to show.

Boy was I ever exhausted when I finally got off to bed!

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