October 13, 2009: Dad Heads Home

This morning is dad’s last morning in Peekskill.  I got up and worked first thing this morning and got as much done as I could so that there would be plenty of spare time so that we could all go out for breakfast before dad has to leave to drive back home.  I didn’t end up being able to get done as early as we had hoped so it was more of an early lunch than a breakfast.  But it is tradition for dad to eat at Pastel’s before hitting the road back home so it was appropriate.

There was a lot of prep work to do before dad could get on the road.  Boxes to load up into his car and the laptop to get ready so that dad can take it back with him.  Lots of DVDs and CDs going into storage.  I got a lot of them done before my desktop stopped working completely on me.

Dad was on the road around one thirty.  A little later than he had been wanting to be.  But only by half an hour.  Not too bad really.

This might be dad’s last trip to Peekskill!  Not likely but possible.  It is already mid-October and time is running out for us here in the Hudson Valley.  We will be in Texas next week.  Then home for a couple of weeks with a likely trip to Ithaca and/or Watkins Glen in the middle.  Then up to dad’s place for a few days before heading off to Florida in late November.  (We are flying in and out of Buffalo hence the trip to dad’s in conjunction.)  Then we move to Texas hopefully sometime in December!  Not much time left for us in our house in Peekskill.  It feels like we are never leaving and life is normal but the reality is that we moving very, very soon.

Liesl and I got a lot of time together this evening as Dominica worked on her t-shirt factory preparing forty six t-shirts for the family to wear while we are in Florida at Walt Disney World in November.  What a project that has become.  She has put in just tons and tons of time getting these shirts ready.

Dad got home late, around nine I think.  But his drive went well.  I am sure that he is relieved that these long drives to and from the Hudson Valley and New Jersey are finally coming to an end.  Texas is just a short, cheap flight away.

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