October 14, 2009: Desktop Repair Day

Up early and off to work.  My new motherboard for my HP dc5850 desktop arrived from the courier this morning around nine thirty.  Boy do they ever deliver early.  That worked out well so we were able to schedule the day around that pretty easily.

I worked all morning and the HP tech arrived early in the afternoon.  The motherboard replacement went smoothly and early test showed nothing wrong.  It would appear that I have my desktop back again.

[Later Data: It turns out not to have been the hardware at all but was actually some problem caused by Mozy Home.  I was very surprised to learn that it was software causing the issue.  Even though HP has come and gone I feel really stupid for having them work on the hardware when it was actually a software problem.  It was really difficult to tell what it was.]

So I spent much of the afternoon and evening doing a fresh install of Windows 7 64bit on my dc5850 desktop.  That went smoothly and I was able to get just about all of my software reinstalled so that I was able to get back to work again after several days without my desktop.  I have missed having my desktop on which to work.

Originally we had planned to take Liesl in for her flu shot at a quarter until seven this evening but the doctor’s office called early and asked us to come right in at six.  So we ran in as quickly as we could and got her in and out quite early.  She was very upset right when she got the shot but was a happy baby again just seconds afterward.  What a good baby she is.  Since we were already out and about we went to Pastel’s for dinner.  The timing was perfect.

After dinner we went to Stop and Shop and did some grocery shopping.  Liesl had a really good time being out shopping with both of her parents.  That does not happen very often.  Liesl was out cold by the time that we got back to the house.

After work wrapped up we relaxed and watched The Dukes of Hazzard.  It was a short evening.  But a lot of work got done and it was a productive day overall.

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