October 3, 2009: Finally Up To Date

For the first time since I returned from my trip to Germany, SGL is now up to date again.  It is really tough catching up once you call behind at all.  The last few days have been a major push to get SGL back up to date.  Once I am up to date it is pretty easy to keep it that way.  Once things get a little bit old it starts becoming very challenging to figure out what happened when and all of the details start to get really fuzzy really quickly.

I was up early hanging out with Liesl.  Dominica wanted breakfast this morning so I went out at seven to the Maple Ave Deli around the corner.  I got there and they were closed.  Seems like being closed at seven thirty on a Saturday morning would cut pretty heavily into their breakfast business.  So no delicious egg and cheese on croissant sandwiches for us today.  Fail.

Off to work in the basement at eight this morning.  Deployments for Bahrain like I often do on Saturday mornings.  That was several hours of work plus some other miscellaneous management tasks that needed my attention.

Mid-morning Dominica kicked off the installation of Windows 7 Business 64bit on her laptop.  That went pretty smoothly and she was up and running on Windows 7 in no time.  Her laptop was running much more smoothly, we both felt, with 7 rather than Vista.  It is not a fair comparison, however, as one was 64bit and one was 32bit.

Around lunch time today I decided to get a trial of Rackspace Email to see how that worked.  I pointed SGL’s email domain to Rackspace and contacted them for my two week free trial.  I have been running email on a self-hosted Zimbra system for the last several years.  I have to say, Zimbra has been awesome.  Best email system that I have ever used.  Everyone just loved using it.  The web interface is still years ahead of the competition and constantly improving and it has a lot of really advanced features that no one else has yet.  It is far and away the most usable web interface for email that I have ever seen.  It makes systems like Outlook Web Access look positively archaic.

I managed to knock off of work a little bit after noon.  Then I spent the rest of the day hanging out in the living room with Liesl!  We had a really good day just spending time together.  This is how Saturdays are supposed to be.

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