October 4, 2009: Happy Sixth Anniversary to Us

No sooner do I get caught up with SGL then I completely fall behind again.  Argh.  Just can’t seem to stay on top of it recently.  Just way too much work going on around here.

Liesl had a really tough night night.  She was up at twelve thirty this morning!  Dominica got up with her and sat with her in the nursery until one thirty.  The she brought Liesl to bed with us.  Dominica then went to bed and I stayed up with Liesl for another hour until two thirty in the morning.  At two thirty Liesl finally fell asleep.

By this point I was completely awake and was not about to fall back asleep again anytime soon.  There is always more than enough work to do so I just headed on down to the basement and got to work.  A very early day but at least it was a real opportunity to be really productive.

This morning I decided that with me being up so early there was lots of time for preparation and planning so I did some email research and testing all morning and by a quarter until eight this morning I managed to migrate the first email domain over to Rackspace hosted email!  A very productive morning indeed.  That was a lot of stress hanging over my head that I was able to just get out of the way.

Today is Dominica and my six year wedding anniversary.  We decided that with all of the stuff that we have going on right now that we weren’t going to do anything for our anniversary this year.  We decided that we would go out for breakfast to Panera Bread this morning.  We haven’t been there in a really long time so it was a nice treat.  We got the spinach and artichoke suffles and the cinnamon crunch bagels that we love so much.

While we were out at Panera we had the laptop with us and tried out the wireless there to test the Hamachi VPN client that I have been setting up recently but have not had a chance to really test.  Hamachi worked really well in the initial test which is very encouraging.  I am excited to get to start using it now.

As we were leaving Panera, Dominica went to get into the car and managed to hit herself in the forehead with the car day really hard.  I looked up just in time to see her reel back from the impact.  She had clipped herself hard with the top corner of the car door right in the very center of her forehead.  She got into the car holding her head in her hands clearly in pain.  She hits herself with things like this pretty regularly so it is difficult to get really alarmed.  You kind of take it all in stride.

When Dominica pulled her hands away there was a pretty surprising amount of blood to be found.  She had an inch long cut that was bleeding a bit.  Nothing to be alarmed about but a lot more than we had anticipated.  She had no idea that she was bleeding and was thinking about bruising, not bleeding.

We had been planning on doing some shopping while we were out this morning but those plans changed in a hurry.  So we just drove back to the house so that Dominica could dress her wounds and relax.

At noon we had a common snapping turtle come right up to our front door and hang out there for a while.  That was rather a surprise.  According to one of the neighbours we have a rather heavy snapping turtle population here.  At one point the neighbour’s cat actually walked right up and didn’t realize that the turtle was there and really scared herself as she practically stepped on the turtle!

Dominica took a nap this afternoon and Liesl came down to the basement and hung out with me.  We managed to get a lot of time together today which was really nice.

For dinner we ordered in Italian for dinner.  We didn’t feel like going out (again) today and just wanted to stay in and relax.  We are working hard to save money right now with the upcoming trip to Disney World in November and the move to Texas in December.  We really need as much money as we can get to get us through all of the upheaval.

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