September 26, 2009: Getting Behind on the Blog

I’ve been struggling hard to keep up with SGL since getting back from Germany.  There has just been way too much going on and I am barely able to stay almost a week behind on everything.  I am doing what I can.  There has not been all that much to report really as we are mostly just waiting around until we find out what is going on with the move to Texas.  At this point we are “on hold” until Tuesday when, hopefully, there will be some additional information.

I got up nice and early this morning – around seven.  I am scheduled to start work at eight this morning so I don’t get to sleep in at all.  I got signed in to work before I even needed to be there and ended up waiting for over an hour before anyone remembered that I had been scheduled to work with them this morning so I could have slept in quite a bit longer without anyone even knowing!

There was a lot of patching work to be done today so I worked most of the day on that.  Not a lot of free time for me.

The Ralstons were online early this morning and Dominica and I got a chance to talk to them on the phone today.  We have only spoken to them once or twice on the phone since they went to the Congo in May – that means that we have spoken more often than we have driven the Mazda during the same time period.

My cough and congestion came back with a vengeance today.  It was bad enough that Dominica made a run to the grocery store to pick up cough medicine for me.  She left around ten thirty to get breakfast and my medicine but disappeared for a very long time.  It was after noon when she got back.  It turns out that there was rather a long wait at the deli.

I wrapped up work around one or two in the afternoon and spent the rest of the day hanging out with Dominica, Liesl and Oreo.

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