September 28, 2009: Learning Tweetdeck

No news scheduled for today.  We are, in theory, supposed to hear something tomorrow although I am hardly holding my breath at this point.  We are past anxious and just trying to ignore the situation for now.  I guess when people are ready for us to start planning we will hear something.

I finally gave in and installed Tweetdeck the other day to ease the management of my Twitter feed.  I tried it once before but had some issues getting it installed or maybe had an issue with Adobe AIR, the RAI platform on which Tweetdeck runs.  Today it installed just fine and I was up and running in no time with Twitter although it was unable to connect to Facebook or MySpace so there is still something unstable about it.

Using Tweetdeck is definitely already making my communications life easier.  I don’t need to use that buggy Twitter webpage anymore and I get updates automatically without having to go refresh the page just to find out that there is nothing there.  I am able to post much fast and keep up with everyone better.  I am very glad that I gave it a try.

Today I played with it some more and finally got FaceBook to connect and start working.  This is making things even easier yet.  Now I don’t have to check in to FaceBook during the day either.

Today was pretty busy with work and I really did not get any chance to hang out with Liesl during the day.  She was apparently really tired – she did cut a new tooth yesterday and got very little sleep – and she was falling asleep before seven this evening!

Dominica IM’s me to tell me that Liesl was falling asleep and that I had better cut out of work early if I wanted to see her.  I did but Liesl was pretty much out by the time that I made it up the stairs.  So no real time together today 🙁

We just watched some of Newhart on Hulu tonight and I worked from my laptop in the living room.  I tried out Digsby this evening which people have been telling me to try instead of Tweetdeck but it appears to have some dependency and incompatibility with Internet Explorer and I could not get it to even work.  Even on a clean install of Vista with a newly updated IE8 it just threw one JScript error after another and would not function at all.  So I call that a fail and I am back to Tweetdeck.

Maybe some news tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.

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