September 29, 2009: Happy B’Day Katie and Glenda

My big project today was to get my email inbox down to absolute zero and I actually did it.  What an awesome accomplishment!  Zero emails.  I feel so liberated.  It has been forever since I got my inbox completely clean.  I feel massively productive now.  I can deal with each item as it comes in and I can keep it empty so I don’t look at it and suddenly feel overwhelmed.

Today there was supposed to be some news from work to give us at least some indication of how things are going for the move to Texas.  But there is no news today.  Not a peep.  So the waiting continues.  Considering how badly they seem to want people to move down to Dallas the process of getting approved to go seems to drag on forever.  I have been pushing really hard to get this process moving along and we just can’t find out anything.  They act like they are in a hurry but I just can’t get any to commit to a plan.

A friend of mine from SpiceCorps NY started at my office yesterday down at the Fort Lauderdale location.  I managed to email him even before they had given him and email login.  Nice to see people finding work again.  The market has been tough recently.

Today I downloaded and installed Yahoo’s new Browser Plus application which extends your web browser to make it a bit more robust. I was interested in trying it because of its integration with the Zimbra email system (which Yahoo also makes and sells.)  I have been using Zimbra for years now and this is definitely a nice update.  Now when someone is trying to talk to you Zimbra is able to do a much better job of alerting you to that fact.  I like it.

After work, Katie came up to our place to celebrate her birthday.  She took the train up from Grand Central Terminal and we met her at the Peekskill Brewery which is right by the Peekskill train station.  It is a really handy place to meet because she is able to take the train straight there and we can drive just a few minutes to get there.

Katie was already at the bar when we got there and she had the table in the front window facing the trains.  The brewery is perfect for Liesl because it is a little louder than a normal restaurant so even if she makes a bit of noise it doesn’t bother anyone.

We all got some brewery beer and we got pretzels to share as an appetizer.  Dominica and I have eaten the fish and chips from the brewery before and really like them.  Their chips are sprinkled with lemon zest which goes awesomely with the fish.

While we were at dinner Liesl tried her first taste of fish!  So the Peekskill Brewery has the distinction of cooker Liesl’s very first fish.  Very exciting.  She really liked it.  Hopefully this is a good indication that she is not going to be a picky eater.  So far she has been good about eating all kinds of things so we are hopeful although it is impossible to tell anything at this age.

We got dessert at the brewery and the staff came out with Katie’s cupcake and say Happy Birthday to her.  After dessert we went back up to the house for about an hour or so before I drove Katie back home to Nyack.

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