November 12, 2009: Doctor Appointment Rush

I got a chance to do a little playing around with my “new” Mac OSX 10.4 build.  Funny that that is new to me.  I am holding out on buying a new Mac until the quad-core, or better, Mac Minis release and we have no idea when that will be.  I don’t want to invest in any old, dual-core technology at this point.  I just need more horsepower than that for the type of stuff that I do every day and I have some ideas about how I want to use my next Mac and I don’t want to be underpowered right out of the gate.

I was quite busy this morning with work and missed getting lunch.  I worked until almost one in the afternoon and then, at twelve fifty, Dominica ran downstairs to tell me that Liesl had a doctor’s appointment in just ten minutes!  Aaaahhh!

So we rushed as quickly as we could.  I was on the phone with dad at the time and had to hang up quick.  We were out the door in about five minutes and fortunately the doctor’s office was right around the corner.  It was supposed to be a quick, in and out vaccine visit, but as we are flying in a week Dominica wanted to get a quick “ear and sinus” inspection just to make sure that she was in good shape to fly.

Waiting for the quick checkup ended up taking about an hour, but everything checked out and Liesl is in very good shape to fly and healthy overall.

Played some Oblivion tonight.  We are both really into this game now.  And even thought the game is really old at this point (many years old) I know at least two people, Kevin and Mary, who are currently playing it as well as me!  It is amazing how it has kept up its popularity.

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