November 11, 2009: Veteran’s Day

I got up early and did the early shift this morning.  I was working for about three hours before someone informed me that today was Veteran’s Day and, obviously, a bank holiday!  I love these kinds of surprises.

So I only worked about six hours today.  That is a really, really short day for me.  And considering how early I started work it was great.  I was able to spend most of the day with Liesl and Dominica.  There was a lot of Oblivion playing today and we made significant progress on the Knights of the Nine quest along with some other, smaller quests that we needed to complete before doing the KotN due to a bug in the game.

It was great to really get some serious time to relax today.  Very much needed.

After work, Dominica, Liesl and I went down to the Peekskill train station and picked Katie up and went to the Westchester Diner to get dinner.  We haven’t seen Katie in weeks.

After dinner we drove Katie back over to Nyack.  Katie found me a Mac OSX 10.4 “Tiger” update DVD that I have been needing for my G4 based Mac Mini that has been running OSX 10.3 “Panther” for the last several years.  OSX 10.3 is just old enough as to be useless.  It wasn’t all that bad when we first bought the machine but now almost no software that I need will run on it.  LogMeIn and NoMachine’s NX Client being prime examples.  OSX 10.4 is hardly new but it is a major leap forward for me.

We got back to the house and I did my Mac Mini update tonight before going to bed.  I have been really anxious to get this done for a long time.

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