November 17, 2009: Surprise Drive to Roch-cha-cha

Work started off normally this morning.  Nothing really to report.  The big IT news today is that Rackspace has re-released Jungle Disk products under their own branding umbrella and has some newly updated enterprise cloud storage options now available.  For those readers who think that I might be using the term cloud storage loosely, this is a real cloud offering and not a misuse of the term to mean Software-as-a-Service while attempting to sound new and hip.  I got an account right away and started trying it out.  So far it is quite impressive.

The original plan was that Dominica, Liesl, Oreo and I were going to drive up to dad’s house in Pavilion tomorrow afternoon.  I worked Veteran’s Day and have a comp day to take tomorrow so it was going to work out well.  Brian and Tara were planning to go up there tomorrow and were going to meet us for dinner or something.  Brian called at eleven and said that they were heading up to the Poconos at lunch today and were going to travel up from there tomorrow morning, though, which would put them way, way ahead of us.  So Dominica decided to see if she could get everything packed and ready so that we could actually do the drive after work today instead of waiting until tomorrow to go.  Of course,  I had taken the time off tomorrow so that we could drive in the daylight and not interrupt our sleeping schedules so much and going tonight puts us back into late night driving but, oh well.

The packing went well and we were on the road by around seven.  In a way it was nice to get going early because it forced us to just jump start our trip and get the ball rolling.  So all afternoon was spent packing and preparing for the trip in a panic.  No time to spare at all now.

The drive up to dad’s went pretty well.  Dinner was at McDonald’s like it normally is when we are traveling.

It was late, like one or two in the morning, when we pulled into dad’s place.  We were all pretty tired so it was right off to sleep for us.

Looking Back: Nine months from now I will hook up my Playstation 3 in our apartment in Las Colinas, Texas and discover that November 17th was the last time that I was able to play Oblivion for nine months.  This was the last day of really “relaxing” to any degree that we would have for a very, very long time.

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