November 18, 2009: Day One Back Home

I got up and had to get right to work this morning.  I was working and got called by a head hunter who was really insistent on talking to me so I did not even get a chance to shower, shave or change before Brian and Tara arrived.  They had gotten up extremely early and had left the Poconos around four thirty in the morning or so!

I got ready to actually face the world and spent a little time with everyone but had to work this morning until lunch time so I was stuck in dad’s office for most of the morning.  Then for lunch we all drove over to the Omega Grill in Geneseo.  It has been quite a while since Dominica, Liesl and I have had a chance to eat there.  It was a very early lunch.  I only had about two hours of work that I had to cover so it wasn’t a big deal.

After lunch we stopped by at Tim Horton’s to pick up coffee and donuts.  Brian and I had a conference call at eleven thirty that we had to take while there.  Then dad, Dominica and Liesl drove back to the house while I went down to Mt. Morris with Brian and Tara to get them settled in to the Country Inn and Suites that is there at the north end of Letchworth State Park.

We decided that since Tara had work to do and since I had the afternoon off already, having thought that I would be driving this afternoon instead of already being up here, that Brian and I would tour the area so that I could give him an overview of the region.  So we left Tara at the hotel and drove from Mt. Morris up to Leicester and then over to Perry.  From Perry it was over to Mt. Morris to pick up Tara at the hotel then just down the street to Brian’s USA Diner for dinner.  Dad, Dominica and Liesl met us there.

It was back home from there.  I had plenty of work to do at dad’s house so was up rather late as usual even though we were back early.  Tomorrow is a busy day with me working and running all over the place.  It will be rather chaotic.

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