November 8, 2009: Oblivion Sunday

Crap, I am way, way behind on SGL again.  How does this happen?  The past several weeks have just been insanely crazy.  A complete lack of sleep time and working hard trying to get in some family time and enough time relaxing so that I don’t get all stressed out.  We leave for more than two weeks of travel is a week and a half and that is definitely making things a lot harder.

I was up early this morning and got down to the kitchen and managed to completely clean the kitchen, do the dishes, clean around the living room and more long before Dominica and Liesl even woke up.  We’ve gotten really behind on cleaning and getting some done early this morning was very important.

Today was a busy Sunday for work.  I ended up having to work later than usual.

We have definitely gotten tired of our “television” selection and Dominica has gotten really into watching me play Oblivion on the Playstation 3.  I am about ninety hours into the game and have been playing the Knights of the Nine expansion section and that got Dominica hooked on the storyline.  So now she is really enjoying watching me play

Having Dominica watch me play Oblivion actually works really well because she helps me scout out the dungeons, keep moving towards goals and when I am getting stuck she is on the Oblivion wiki looking up information so that I can keep moving.  We are an Oblivion playing team.

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