November 9, 2009: Starting a Busy Week

My schedule is a little weird this week.  Today I am on a normal work schedule but for the next two days I am working the early shift, covering for someone at the office, so I am jumping back and forth.  We can’t believe that we are only a week away from leaving for our big trip.  Just nine days until we leave for dad’s house in upstate New York.

Today was really busy at work.  I didn’t get any time to relax all day.

This evening, Oreo managed to get his paws on a Hallowe’en candy bar, a 100 Grand.  Chocolate is, of course, poisonous to dogs.  We were not too worried as the candy bar was not solid but just to be safe we called into the vet who had us call poison control.  Poison control did the calculations based on the chocolate, size and data on Oreo.  They said that we had nothing to worry about but, of course, had us keep an eye on him.

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  1. American chocolate isn’t too bad ’cause its mostly NOT chocolate. If he ate baking chocolate you’d have a problem. 🙂

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