December 12, 2009: Packing, Packing, Packing

Liesl had a rough night.  Up at two thirty.  Then up again at three needing a bottle.  She came in and slept with us after that. I ended up oversleeping and not getting up until a few minutes after my morning deployments were supposed to have begun.  Oops.

I worked for two hours for the office and then it was time to switch to packing.  Good progress on the CDs early this morning.  That is a very labour intensive process and takes a tremendous amount of time, especially as my CD drive is located on the other side of my desk requiring me to get up and walk around the desk attached to my desk all the way to the other side to swap discs.  It is the equivalent to walking the entire length of the basement just to swap CDs!  It doesn’t sound like a lot of walking until you have done it three or four hundred times!

Another trip to the attic was needed to get supplies to kick off the next big round of packing.  We are even putting my Acer Aspire One into storage.  Sad but we just don’t have spare room for these kinds of things.

After work was done this morning we packed up a load and drove to the storage unit and then to Pastel’s to get a very late breakfast (after noon, so not even early for lunch.)  Then a quick trip to the grocery store.  We have to buy tons of plain soymilk now as in the last few days Liesl has switched from drinking soy formula to drinking soymilk.  This saves us a ton of time and money.  Formula is very expensive, especially when you need the lactose free kind like we do.  And it takes forever to make a bottle when you do it over and over all day long.  So having her on regular, premaid soymilk means that we just refill her bottle and away we go.

SpiceWorks 4.5 came out last night so I performed the migration from 4.1 to 4.5 today.  Lots of great features in there.  The really big one being the move to Apache as the embedded web server which allows them to now have native SSL without needing to have the application pumped through a proxy or some other means of getting SSL.

I was supposed to be working on my class at RIT today but ended up forgetting about it in the flurry of morning work, packing and watching Liesl while Dominica packed resulted in my completely forgetting about it.  Oops.  My work is supposed to be due on Saturday evening. Argh.

So much to do!

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