December 11, 2009: And the Packing Continues

Packing, packing, packing.  Not much more to say.  Dominica finally bit the bullet and went through the large plastic bins that we had in the living room for the last few months that are mostly her yarn and made the decision that we can spend money storing, shipping and storing the yarn yet again.  Most of it, if not all of it, came from the house in Geneseo which means that we have already paid to move it once or twice and shipping it all to Texas is not at all worth it.  It is tough giving away so much stuff but it can’t be helped.  We need to thin down as much as possible.  Paying movers to move stuff from Newark to Peekskill was one thing.  But paying for a NY storage unit, a Texas storage unit and moving to haul the stuff all the way across the country, then paying movers to take it between storage units and not even having access to it for many months anyway just is not worth it.

It is really cold in New York today.  Not fun for packing and taking loads to the storage unit.  The upside is is that we just keep saying “It will be warm in a week and a half when we get to Texas.”  Of course, Dallas his twenty nine degrees a few days ago but it doesn’t last like it does here.

Today is the last Friday before the winter financial freeze happens on Wall Street so it was packed with deployments.  We were able to sneak out for a late lunch and a run to the storage unit, though, in the middle of the afternoon.  We just ate at Pastel’s where we have been eating almost every day.  No time to go elsewhere.

I worked until seven thirty then we ran to the storage unit one last time and picked up dinner from Burger King.  The food was stale and bad, though, so we won’t try that again there.  We’ve had very bad luck with fast food here in Peekskill.  Apparently since no one uses it they don’t expend much effort making the food any good.  Dunkin Donuts here has ancient, hard, stale donuts too and doesn’t refresh their coffee.  DD is very big on being inconsistent between franchises and BK is similar with little corporate control.  Not the best way to run chains.  You can’t trust them to be doing a good job even though some do a great job.

Tomorrow morning I work again at eight.  That is the last of my deployments for the year.  The freeze begins on Monday.  Yay!  Tomorrow is a hard core packing and RIT classes day.

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