December 14, 2009: One Week and Closing

One week until we move to Texas.  How can that be?  There is so much that we have to do this week I cannot believe that we will possibly be ready.  Today is just packing and last minute prep kind of stuff.  Today begins the home stretch with a lot of “last” things to do.

Today at noon we took Liesl to the doctor’s office for her “last” checkup before we go.  Just a “well baby” visit.  While we were there she got her one year blood draw to just check things out plus she got two shots to get her as up to date as possible.  We might have done more shots today because of the move but she now has had all of the shots for which the office has the shots to give so even if we weren’t attempting to space out the shots she wouldn’t not have gotten any more at this point anyway.  So things are fine there.  Overall the visit went fine, although it took more than an hour as always as they just are not ready for us at all when we get there.

The doctor’s appointment was the only point of interest today.  Just packing and prep work.  Tomorrow, after work, Brian and I are heading for Rochester by car.  This is one busy week.

At seven this evening Katie came over and we all did dinner at the Westchester Diner.  It was a short visit but she is coming back tomorrow and spending the week helping Dominica while I am out of town.  Without her Dominica would be unable to do anything all week.

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