December 15, 2009: Driving to Pavilion, 6 Days to Go

Six days until we move to Texas.  This is craziness in the extreme.  To prepare for the trip, the BMW was taken into the shop today to get the oil changed, a general health check (it just hit 50,000 miles) and to get some simple electrical work done as there is a short, or something, in the driver’s side door.  Dominica dealt with that driving it over to Monroe, NY and having the shop drop her back at the house this afternoon.

I had to work today, obviously, and in between things we did what packing we could.  There is so much to do but Katie is coming over later today and staying for the week while I am out of town so that she can watch Liesl while Dominica works on packing.

While I was working, Dominica got me all packed up so that I could leave as soon as I was done for the day.  I had been hoping to manage to get out early today but that didn’t work out.  So it was around six thirty when I was finally able to start driving out to the Poconos to pick up Brian out at Jack Frost.

The drive out should have taken just over two hours from Peekskill to Jack Frost but a lack of normal address and poor GPS decision making took me dramatically out of the way and made the trip to pick up Brian take a bit over three hours which was a horrible way to kick off the long trip that we are taking.    This is going to be one exhausting trip at this rate!  The weather was starting to get a little bad too so instead of beating the bad weather we are going to end up being in it all night.  🙁

It was around ten when Brian and I pulled out of the Poconos house to head to Clark Summit to get dinner at the Waffle House.  There was some rough weather on the way so we were looking for a break from the snow by the time that we got to the end of the Turnpike Extension at the summit.

It was nice to get dinner at Waffle House.  I needed the time out of the car after driving through the snow.  I have been driving about five hours already by this point.  The car is completely packed too.  I am driving four large plastic bins of stuff up to dad’s to put into long term storage plus Brian and I both have a lot of luggage as well which barely fit in the little car in addition to the two of us.

After we turned north out of the Scranton metro we got about one hour of clearish driving before hitting big time snow just west of Binghamton which caused the drive up to dad’s place to take forever.  Instead of it being a five hour total trip it turned into an almost ten hour trip that was not just long but very stressful and exhausting as well.

It was roughly four thirty in the morning when Brian and I pulled into dad’s house where we are spending the night before heading on to Mississauga and Toronto in the morning.  We are many hours later than we had originally intended.  We had been hoping to have been here around midnight!  Tomorrow is going to be really long day.

To get to Mississauga on time we need to leave dad’s house by about seven thirty.  That means at best just two hours of sleep.  That is going to be really rough.  Hopefully tomorrow is not another day of insane snow too.

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