December 17, 2009: Amtraking It and Four Days Left

Four days left until we move to Texas!  This move is closing in on us rapidly.  We are so thankful that Katie and Dudley (her dog) have been at the house helping Dominica while Brian and I have been in Canada.

I was not up early today.  I just could not do it.  I managed to get about five hours of sleep which was enough to let me get through the day today but just barely.  Boy am I tired.

We had been hopeful to have been able to have gotten breakfast with dad today but our snow storm ruined any chance of that.  I got up and worked this morning as much as I could.  Due to the inclement weather not only did we get in super late last night but we also need to leave early for the train station to be sure that we will be able to make it in time.

There is no question that these last several days of horrible driving in New York snow have made me very glad to be moving to Texas in half a week.  I am sick of this.  I’ve put up with snow my entire life and I am really ready for a change of scenery.

We didn’t have time for breakfast so we ordered Davis’ pizza for lunch instead.  My last chance to get Davis’ for a very long time, most likely.  It was burnt, though, so Brian did not get a good sampling of how good Western NY pizza can be.

We were off to the Amtrak station in Rochester just after noon.  We were scrambling to get the car packed and everything ready for the trip.  Too much to do in way too little time.

We ended up making it to the Amtrak station in plenty of time for the train.  We are taking the Maple Leaf from Rochester to Croton.  Not a fast trip but traveling by train is relaxing and we are both looking for the chance to zone out for a while.

The train ride was great.  I love traveling via Amtrak.  Trains are so much more comfortable than anything else and so little stress.  We made out really well on the tickets too, just $51 for each of us.  That is cheaper than the price of gas and far less than any flight would have been.

Brian and I got dinner on the train as well.  No dining car but there was a cafe car and they served beer which we really needed.  We did nearly nothing while on the trip.  I was on email constantly but almost nothing was happening so I stuck to just email and reading magazines that I had brought along for the trip.  Very relaxing.  I am always looking for ways to utilize the train rather than driving.

I was happy to find that they have a selection of vegetarian-friendly items on Amtrak these days.  They have a very tasty vegan burger as well as a humus and pita item that I noticed.

The trip was long but we didn’t care as it was our chance to just zone out and do nothing.  Brian managed to nap quite a bit on the train as well.  I can’t sleep in situations like that because I need my CPAP which is unfortunate or else I might have slept most of the way.  I am so worn out from all of the driving.  I am not looking forward to needing to drive all of the way to Texas in a few days!

It was pretty late, around eight thirty, when Brian and I pulled into Croton Harmon station in the lower Hudson Valley.  Brian got picked up and they headed right off back down to Philadelphia.  Katie picked me up and took me back up to Peekskill.  Katie is spending the night tonight and heading back home to Nyack tomorrow after work.

It was Katie’s homemade stuffed poblano peppers tonight which was spicy and delicious.  Dominica couldn’t eat too much of it, though, as it was too spicy for her being spiced with chipotle peppers which are much hotter than poblanos.

I went to bed pretty soon after getting back tonight.  I need sleep badly.  We have way too much work to do this weekend.  I am not looking forward to all of this packing.  Dominica thinks that we are in pretty decent shape but I don’t see how we are going to get all of this packing done before it is time to leave.

Our BMW X3 is still in the shop.  It went in on Tuesday.  We had been hoping that we would have gotten it back on Tuesday night or Wednesday at the latest but they still have it and haven’t given us a definite answer as to when it might be ready for us.  We are beginning to worry as it is already impacting our ability to get our stuff moved into storage so that we can get moved out of the house in Peekskill.  We have no spare time built into our schedule so this is very bad.

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