December 18, 2009: Three Days and Closing

Today is supposed to be our crazy packing day.  We don’t have unlimited flexibility to pack today, though, as the BMW is not ready today so we have no way to get anything moved from our house out to storage.  Dominica had not realized that I had left the storage key behind so she and Katie did not take any loads out to storage for the three days while I was away so the house is pretty much in the same state than it was when I left on Tuesday evening to head up to dad’s.  The big load that I took to dad’s did help quite a bit in getting things cleared out but it was nothing more than a single storage load equivalent which only does so much.

We heard from the dealer that the BMW is not going to be ready today and they are only hopeful that it will be available come Monday!!  This is really bad.  We desperately needed that vehicle today and all weekend to even have the slightest hope of being ready.  Now that we have delivered the Mazda PR5 up to dad’s house to get it ready to sell we have no vehicle whatsoever.  Argh.  This is the worst possible time for this.

So the only thing that we could come up with to do was to call Enterprise and rent a minivan, a Kia Sedona which we will pick up tomorrow morning.  We are desperate and even though renting a car for the weekend is incredibly expensive we really do not have a choice.  At this point we just have to do what we have to do.  We are really backed into a corner if we are going to get out of the house and get to Texas before Christmas.  Our options are pretty much gone at this point.

We worked and packed all day.  Without being able to take loads away it is really hard to tell if there is any progress being made or not.  Things just pile up and get in our way so we slow down the more work that we do and end up spinning our wheels a bit.

Katie came by after work to pick up Dudley and his containment system.  They hung around for a while before heading home for the night.  We are hoping that Enterprise can pick me up in the morning so that Katie does not have to run back from Nyack just to get me down so that we can pick up the rental vehicle.  What a pain that would be.  Tomorrow is our “empty house” party as well which we are not looking to be too well prepared for at this point.  The house was supposed to be much more empty than this.

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