December 2, 2009: Day Two at Dad’s

We decided that we were getting a lot of work done at dad’s house and that it would make sense for us to stay just a little bit longer. So we are not going back to Peekskill until tomorrow evening.  We are spending our time going through the stuff that we have packed away at dad’s and decided what should be kept and what should not.  This move to Texas is our serious opportunity to thin out our possessions as much as possible and only take those things that really matter.  Having to move things so far and to do so going to a temporary apartment before having a house again (if we ever really do get to have a house again) makes it so much of a pain to move things that we are far more willing to just give things up than we were previously.

I spent the day working.  Today at noon I had a webinar from Red Hat on Red Hat Clustering technologies that was pretty interesting.  I have never really worked with clustering too much.  I have some at work but it is never a focus of what we do.  I am thinking that I need to build a cluster or two to have running all of the time so that I can get a bit more soup to nuts experience on them.  That would probably be valuable, although in this day and age of failover virtualization systems clustering is rapidly losing its core market.

Aunt Sharon and Uncle Leo came over today to see Liesl in the early afternoon.  I was still on the call when they came over.  I did not, as usual, get much time to visit with anyone as I was stuck working.  We were originally talking about going somewhere for lunch today but because of my schedule we decided that it would make more sense to just order pizza from Davis’ Farm Market in Pavilion and eat at the house.  That saves time and makes it far more easy for the family to visit.

This evening, at around seven thirty when Liesl woke up from a long nap, Dominica, Liesl and I ran over to Livonia to visit with the Millens.  It has been forever since we have seen them.  It has been about two years since Dominica saw them and about three years since I have seen them.  They have had two children born since the last time that I saw them!

We stayed for about three hours and had coffee and ate Eric’s peanut butter blast cookies.  It was great to get to see them and Liesl had a great time playing with the kids.  Liesl and Elijah are almost exactly the same age, Liesl being younger but about six weeks.  Liesl was very excited as she never has children to play with and when she does they are almost never her age except for Landen.

We got back to dad’s around eleven. Time for some more work and then eventually off to bed.  We are still sleeping with Dominica and Liesl in the guest bedroom and Oreo and I sleeping in the television room, or den, on a futon mattress laying on the floor which is surprisingly comfortable.

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