December 3, 2009: Day Three at Dad’s

It is Thursday.  Originally we had planned to be back to Peekskill by yesterday at the latest.  I guess not.  We are really dreading all of the packing and cleaning and decision making that has to happen as soon as we are back in Peekskill so we are avoiding it as much as possible.

First thing this morning I got up early and did some work so that we would be able to drive over to Geneseo and get breakfast at the Omega Grill right away.  That worked out pretty well.  Dad had his early morning breakfast club meeting over there and had gone over at seven thirty.  I was up then and able to go but Liesl was still asleep so we had to wait for her to wake up.  Dad’s group was over just as Liesl woke up so Dominica and I ran over and met dad there.  He had second breakfast while we ate our first.

After breakfast Dominica and I swung into Tim Horton’s in Geneseo to pick up some delicious Canadian blended coffee.  Then it was back to dad’s so that I could get back to work.  It was a busy work day for me so very little to update here.

This evening I did an update of a remote access server from OpenSuse 11.1 to OpenSuse 11.2.  What is really cool about this new version is that it is the first version that allows you to do a “live, hot update” of one in-place OS version to another.  That makes it really nice so you don’t need to go do a completely fresh install.  The update using the command line zypper utility worked flawlessly and the only thing that I had to do manually was install the FreeNX package that we use.  Once I did that we had everything back and working great in no time.

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