December 20, 2009: One Day Left!

We have an emergency update from the Ralstons in the Republic of the Congo today on Laborers for the Harvest.  Impfondo in the ROC is not embroiled in war but is sitting right on the border with the DRC where there is a rebel insurrection underway and gunfire is being exchanged over the border and refugees, as well as soldiers, are being accepted by the hospitals in Impfondo.  ROC military helicopters and ships are having to be used to deliver relief supplies to Impfondo.  Things are apparently getting really rough over there although Michael seems to think that the war is pretty cool and interesting.

If everything goes to plan, we are supposed to be moving tomorrow.  That does not seem possible at all.  We are not even remotely ready and without having any car we have no idea what we are going to do.  This is really bad.

I had to work today so that took a chunk out of the packing time.  Additionally, we don’t have the minivan this morning so we have no way to get a load ready.

Around one this afternoon Katie drove me down to downtown Peekskill to pick up the Sedona that was still stuck in a snow bank on the side of the road.  It took me more than ten minutes to work that car free of the snow so that I could drive it out to get fuel and then home so that we could pack it.

There was so much going on and so much to do that once we had the minivan back we were only able to get a single load out in it this afternoon.  We are not being nearly as productive as we need to be.  We are starting to move into panic mode here!

Katie left this afternoon so it is just Dominica and I tonight worrying about how we are going to get this all done.  Brian and Tara are coming up tomorrow morning to help us for the day.  We have to return the minivan first thing in the morning making it almost completely worthless for us to have gotten this weekend – it didn’t even serve as an emergency vehicle since we were never able to get to it when we might have needed it.  Brian has a Chevy truck that we are going to use in addition to the BMW for hauling stuff over to storage and Tara is going to watch Liesl so that Dominica can pack as well.  There is so much to do, we have no idea where to start.

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