December 21, 2009: Leaving Today?

Today was supposed to be our moving to Texas day.  This is going to be rough.  I was up at seven thirty this morning getting some work out of the way so that I would have more time to focus on getting ready.

Brian and Tara were up super early this morning and actually drove up from Philadelphia at like six thirty and arrived in Peekskill at half past eight – way earlier than we were expecting them.  Dominica was only just getting out of bed when they arrived.  We were very thankful to see them as we desperately need their help today.

The entire day was a crazy packing day.  Tara watched Liesl while Dominica, Brian and I packed like crazy.  Throughout the course of the day we were able to take several large, dual truck loads out to the storage unit which really got the house cleared out.  We are so thankful that we don’t really have to take care of the furniture.  That would just be impossible.

Katie came by with her empty Baja this evening and picked up the recliner that she was taking as well.  So that helped a bunch too.

Brian and Tara stayed until very late. What a day.  This was, by far, our most productive day, though, and we got more done that we have done in the whole of the last two weeks.  But there was no way to leave for Texas today.  We worked until around midnight and then decided that we just needed to get up tomorrow and continue or we would be so tired that we would never be able to drive at all.

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