December 24, 2009: We Are Now Texans

It is Christmas Eve.  Quite strange to wake up this morning and realize that, as of today, Dominica, Liesl, Oreo and I are Texans.  After all of the work that we have been doing to get here it is incredible to think that it is mostly over and here we are.  No more New York for us.  At least not for a while. 😉

Believe it or not, we were awake at eight thirty this morning!  I have no idea how we managed to wake up that early.  And that is eight thirty eastern time – we have no adjusted to central time yet.  As of today we live on central time, weird.  This is the first time in my life that I have lived in the “south” or outside of the eastern time zone.

We didn’t get very much sleep last night.  Between the massive thunderstorm that woke us up with crazy wind and rain blowing in the windows or Liesl not being tired in the least after having slept for almost two entire days and Oreo having a really hard time adjusting to the house we got at most six hours of sleep and most likely closer to just four hours.

Francesca came over first thing this morning and picked up Liesl from us.  We are exhausted and Liesl has tons of energy to spare so she went over to the Grices’ for the day to burn a lot of it off.  That worked out perfectly as it gave us time to do some unpacking and relaxing.  I stayed awake after that point but Dominica went back to sleep until about noon when she had to get up and get to work on wrapping presents so that we are ready for the festivities this evening.

We went over to the Grices’ in League City around three thirty this afternoon.  This was our first time to see everyone since arriving in Texas.

At four thirty we went to church for the Christmas Eve Mass.  It was a very nice service but standing room only and quite warm inside of the church while being too cold outside.  The temperature dropped into the forties today!  Quite cold for December in Texas.

Because Joe and Britt need to work tomorrow we are doing the “adult” Christmas celebration this evening.  So the adults exchanged presents today instead.

We were out way later than we should have been.  Dominica and I were really tired by the time that we were heading back to Joe and Britt’s to get some sleep.  It was around midnight when we finally turned in.

I was pretty sick today.  The long drive and lack of sleep (and probably the stress) have been contributing to my inability to fight off sickness and my bronchitis has come back with a vengeance.  So I have not been n the best shape for the day and am likely going to be pretty sick tomorrow.

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