December 25, 2009: Merry Christmas from Texas

It’s Christmas!  Today is Liesl’s second Christmas but the first Christmas that she really gets to experience.  Normally the Tocco Christmas is a crazy affair with everyone up early and present opening going all day until we rush to make it to Christmas dinner.  Today, instead, we started opening presents on the late side and were done by one in the afternoon!  Without the adults really needing to exchange presents it cleared a lot of the presents out of the way and eased logistics dramatically.  This moved along really well and was quite manageable.

I was pretty sick today.  My bronchitis is really bad and I have a new sinus infection like I often get.  I was so bad today that I could barely hold my right eye open at all.  I also finished drinking all of the special Chinese pharmaceutical tea that Brian had gotten for me a week ago.  Now I am on my own with normal tea.

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