December 5, 2009: The Houseguests Who Just Won’t Leave

Today is the fifth full day at dad’s house for Dominica, Liesl and I.  Oreo has been here for several weeks.  I think that we are beginning to overstay our welcome 😉

I was scheduled to work a few hours this morning but it ended up turning into a major, all day affair.  So the plans for going out to eat fell through and I ended up working more than an entire day!  I can’t complain, though.  We most definitely need any overtime that I am able to get these days.  This move to Texas is going to be insanely expensive and if we can’t get the house in New York sold we are going to be scraping for every penny that we can find.

After work was finally done I focused on my coursework for RIT.  My first week of work is due today so I was scrambling to get everything done tonight for the entire week because the class closes at midnight tonight.  The class is set up to not allow any work on Sundays.  We get new work on Monday morning and it is due by Saturday at midnight.  So Sundays are just off.  That is good for me but generally a bad practice for online courses as all of those people who have only the weekend to get work done have it really tough unnecessarily when the classes could be much more flexible.

I am really grateful to be back in classes again.  After this class I will be exactly halfway through my master’s degree.  I am really looking forward to having it done.  There is a lot left to do but it does not seem to be all that bad.  This class is sounding like it is going to be fun.

After everything was done, Dominica, Liesl, Dad and I settled into the den to watch Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian on DVD.  None of us had seen this movie yet so it worked out really well.  I don’t think that it was as good as the original but it was cute and entertaining and you can’t go wrong with Hank Azaria.

Off to bed somewhat earlier tonight.  Tomorrow morning the car absolutely has to be packed and we have to be on the road back to Peekskill.  There is no more buffer time and we just have to be there working on getting ready for Texas.

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