December 4, 2009: Day Four at Dad’s

Well we are still here.  Once day at a time we are deciding that it just makes sense for us to be staying here.  Today is Friday and tonight I have my late night deployments so by deciding to stay until today we have committed to staying until the weekend because there is no time for us to get into the car and drive until tomorrow afternoon at the very earliest.

Today I realized that I had forgotten to sign up for classes at RIT for the winter semester!  Oops.  I contacted the graduate studies department and asked if they would be able to get me into anything.  They checked and had two classes available.  The first class was the last class in my software development sequence.  With everything that we have going on right at the moment, that seemed like a bad idea.  So I went with the other option which was Clinical Information Systems which is the first class in my Healthcare Information Systems sequence and far less intensive – we hope.

I got all signed up for class today and got my access to the online systems re-established.  My class itself failed to activate today.  I am hopeful that it will activate tomorrow since class has already been running for a week and this weekend will be the end of the week and I do not want to be that late for class.  I would email my professor today except that I do not know who my professor is until the system lets me in.

I worked all evening and then, after work was done and dad had gone to bed, Dominica and I stayed up and watched Star Trek XI which is just now out.  Dominica and not seen it yet and I had only seen it on the Aer Lingus flight returning from Dublin to New York.  I had thought that I was buying it on BluRay from the Amazon Black Friday sale but somehow they switched it on me (I only search for BluRays but sometimes they sneak other things into the list) and I ended up with a crappy DVD which they were trying to unload.  We decided that we only cared so much and decided to just keep this and Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian even though they are just DVD.  DVD is easier for us to store right at the moment and we only really care about having Star Trek on BluRay and night Museum 2 so it is really not very important.

Dominica really liked Star Trek.  I had thought that it was quite good too when I first saw it.  I can see several things that are not surprising that other people did not like it but I think that the concept is good and the new cast is far superior to the original.

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