December 8, 2009: Liesl the Stair Climber

Today begins the real packing portion now that the basic logistics of our move have been organized.  We had the boxes ready for our first load to the storage unit pretty early today.  Dominica did a ton of cleaning today and quite a bit yesterday too getting ready for the inspection by the real estate agents today.  They are scheduled for a little before lunch.

I also began doing CD transfers today.  There is limited time and I have a ton of stuff that I want to get done before I drive the Mazda up to dad’s house next week to drop it off.  I am going to load it to the hilt, if possible, to get stuff away from Peekskill. The plan is, loosely, that Brian and I are driving to Pavilion on Tuesday night.  Then going to Toronto on Wednesday morning and working in Toronto all day.  Then Wednesday night we are kicking off SpiceCorps Toronto.  Then crashing with Antoni.  Then driving back to Pavilion super early on Thursday morning.  On Thursday afternoon it is Amtrak from Rochester to Croton-Harmon.  I haven’t taken the Lake Shore Limited in quite some time and I am looking forward to the trip.  The tickets were just $51 which is pretty good for a trip so long.  It is going to be exhausting but all stuff that just has to be done.  The Mazda has to be delivered to dad’s place and the rest just makes sense once we are making the trip.

It was a busy work morning and I was just loading up the X3 when Cindy and the other agents arrived to take a look at the house.  Overall they seemed to be pretty happy with the state of things and did not seem to be too concerned with our ability to sell it.  There are concerns, of course, but they did not make it seem like it might be as bad as we have feared that it might be.  But we will see.  It could very easily be very bad.  There really is no way to know.

I worked for a while more and then we all ran out to go to lunch down at Pastel’s.  There is no food in the house really and we are not going to be doing any real grocery shopping as one of our goals is to get the house as empty as possible.  There are only a few meals left to be eaten here.

We hit the grocery store for bottled water and soy milk.  Then back to the house.  I wrapped up working and then we took a drive to the storage unit so that Dominica could see it and I dropped off the first full load of stuff.  Just that one load and already the house is looking much better.  This is very encouraging that we are going to be able to make real progress really quickly.

This evening Liesl climbed the basement stairs the entire way, all by herself!  I was there to catch her, of course, but she just climbed right up.  She is getting so big so quickly!

We tried to watch a movie this evening but there were so many interruptions that I gave up on it.  Dominica had made a chicken pot pie for dinner that I was able to eat.  She watched some movie with Jeff Daniels and Lauren Graham but I don’t know the name of it.  It wasn’t too bad but not gripping enough for me to worry about the fact that I was missing pretty much all of it.

I got a ton of work done tonight on CD ripping.  There are two massive bins of CDs here that need to be ripped and it is a very manual process that is going to take up a lot of time.  I only have a few days in which to get it done so I am doing all that I can to make good progress on it.  At the rate that I am going I will easily complete the first bin tomorrow and should even manage a start on the second.  Once those bins are out of here the living room will clean up a lot.

I am very excited that, for the first time in about a month, SGL is now completely up to date!

Tomorrow we are just home doing more packing.  I am planning to make at least two runs to the storage unit.

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