December 9, 2009: Serious Packing Time

Ah, the first day of being able to write SGL with everything being completely up to date.  No pressure to think back trying to figure out what happened on what day.  No worrying that people won’t know what is going on.  This is good.  Progress, real progress.

I ended up being up super late last night working on SGL and the CD transfers.  There was just too much to do and I was getting too much work done to quit while I was ahead.  It was after four when I finally managed to head off to bed.

I ended up sleeping in a bit late this morning as I was pretty tired, as you can imagine.  I awoke to about an inch or an inch and a half of light snow everywhere.  We had some snow yesterday but just a dusting.  We got a nice blanket during the night and it really looks like “Christmas” now.  Liesl was really happy looking at the upstairs window this morning.

Back to packing again this morning.  Packing and ripping CDs.  What a lot of work there is to do.  The boxes are piling up in the living room to be carried out to the car.  Dominica worked on buying us a car top carrier to mount on top of the X3 so that we would have room to take clothes and stuff that we need down to Texas.  With Liesl and Oreo taking up the entire back seat of the X3 and their paraphernalia taking up most of the spare space in the car we do not have any space anywhere to use for actually taking anything with us.  That is rather a significant problem.  We are going to be going down to little more than just our two laptops and nothing else for quite a long time!  That is not going to be fun at all.  These next several months are going to be focused on work, house hunting and college.

No real news to report.  We packed.  We went to the storage unit.  I’m glad that we got as much space as we did.  Just putting the boxes in there is taking up a lot of space and all we are really doing at this point is the books and similar items from the basement.  We certainly will not fill the entire space but we are taking up a lot of room and because of the weight of many of the items we cannot fill the space very deeply so it sprawls quickly.

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