November 20, 2009: Last Day in the North

We were all really tired this morning!  Brian and Tara came up early and we got right to work loading down Brian’s truck with the server cabinet and the servers and desktops that he is shipping back to Philadelphia.  It was quite the load.  Getting the cabinet onto the trailer was not particularly fun.  There were a ton of servers going in the truck as well.  All together there were ten or more but we hunted through them and identified two units that really were no good and we just took some main parts from them and left them behind to be scrapped along with anything else being left at dad’s house.

In addition to the cabinet and the servers was a massive 2200VA UPS from TrippLite, a 2U rackmount unit that is brand new and that has been sitting here for several years.  We hope that it works, it has never, ever been plugged in and powered on.  I am guessing that the batteries are dead, which will suck.  There were also several desktops going in this load.  Maybe half a dozen!  The truck was really full.

After getting the truck totally loaded we drove down to Mt. Morris where Brian and Tara checked out of the hotel and joined all of us at Brian’s USA Diner for some breakfast.  It was on their way to Ithaca where they are spending the day so it worked out really well.  Brian’s is closer to dad’s house than is the Omega so it is pretty convenient.

After breakfast it was back up to dad’s to get back to my regularly scheduled work.  I was able to go through a plastic bin that has been in storage at dad’s today and basically eliminated the whole thing with most of it going straight into the garbage and a few small piece ready to be donated to the Leicester church’s rummage sale.  Mostly old optical CD and DVD drives and a few other computer odds and ends.

This afternoon the Richardson clan (Sharon, Leo, Shirley, Jim, Sara, Steve, Jeremy and Rachel) all came over to celebrate Liesl’s birthday one week early.  They will not have a chance to see her again before her actual birthday so today was the chance to get a family party in for her.  I got very little chance to hang out with everyone, though, as it was a busy Friday evening and there was a ton of work for me to do.

The big news today is that my cousin Sara is, as of today, engaged!  Steve popped the question this morning and they announced it at Liesl’s party today.  Jeremy was late arriving so we all knew about it before her own brother knew.

I ended up having to work quite late tonight.  It was not fun as everyone was here and I had to skip spending time with them.

I tried to get to bed as early as I could but it was not all that early.  Like eleven at night.  Tomorrow is going to be a long day.  We have to be up around four thirty to be able to make our flight to Orlando!  We are all going to be very, very exhausted.

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