November 19, 2009: In Rochester for the Day

We got up this morning and drove over to Geneseo and had breakfast at the Omega Grill.

Brian and I headed to Tim Horton’s on Jefferson Road and met with a couple people there including Eric Millen.  I talk to Eric all the time but haven’t actually seen him in person in years which is crazy.  Two years at a minimum and three or more years is most likely.  Hard to believe that I can go that long without seeing people but it really happens and happens more and more often these days.

After coffee at Timmy Ho’s we had a meeting and then Brian and I did a quick lunch at Panera Bread, also on Jefferson Road.  I had some work that needed my attention right away so I logged in from my laptop and worked from it before we were able to get back in the car and go back to dad’s house.

I ended up having a really busy evening and we were all stuck at dad’s all evening.  Just too much work to be done.  It was quite a busy night.  We ordered in subs from York Landing and just ate at the house.

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